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Baler's Top 10 of Everything

Help needed!

This year, I will launch a Batangbaler project titled Baler’s Top 10 of Everything. It’s basically a list of everything best or worst in Baler. And this world of online collaboration, I will basically start with a clean state. You, visitors of this website could pitch in ideas and suggestions regarding this project.

As a starting, i’m soliciting topics, titles, or categories that we can use to layout the plan for the list. Please use the comment link on this post.

I’m thinking of the following, please add:

Most Important people in Baler’s History.
Most popular tourists destinations
Oldest People in Baler
Today’s Most Influential People of Baler
Baler’s Worst Disasters of all time
The Richest People in Baler
Geographic facts – largest barangay, highest point, largest river, etc.