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The ASAG Gallery

ASAG stands for Aurora Science Art Group. They have this small gallery under the stairwell of the two-storey building inside ANSHS. Visit it if you can. It’s very hard to miss, the building is the only 2-storey structure in the school and it has a sign in front that reads “Two-Storey Building” to remind us that it’s not a single floor or a 3-storey one. The gallery houses stuff that only artistic high school kids could come out with, like this head in a toilet bowl:


They should name the room Esprit de Escalier or The Spirit of the Staircase. ANSHS is currently celebrating its 26th Foundation Anniversary. The school has a website and they’re proud of it. I’m not.
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Calling All ANSHS Alumni


Calling all alumni of the Aurora National Science High School. You are all invited to the 26th Foundation Anniversary of the ANSHS on February 7, 2008 at the ANSHS, Suklayin, Baler, Aurora. There will be a parade at 7:30 the morning that will start at the Baler Municipal Plaza followed by fun games, etc. etc. etc.. Please come!

First Week of April

I posted this weeks ago and didn’t know it was on private mode until somebody asked me where is it. So I’m re-posting it. And this is where I’ve been on the first week of April.

On April 1st the guests of the 12th Commencement Exercises of ASCOT arrived and we have a sort of welcome thingy at the Bay’s Inn. Among the guests were the French Ambassador to the Philippines, Mr. Gerard Chesnel which was the Guest of Honor and Speaker during the graduation (the one with the white hair and beard); Dr. Benny A. Palma, first president of ASCOT and currently the president of Aklan State University (the one on striped yellow shirt with both hands in front) and Dr. Romeo S. Cabanilla, 2nd President of ASCOT (in red). Also in the picture are ASCOT VP Mr. Gerardo Rillon (white shirt), Mrs. Chesnel (in grey), Mr. Eriberto Rivera, ASCOT Student Affairs Director (in black), Dr. Eusebio V. Angara , ASCOT President (in pink, in front of Mr. Rivera) , and Dr. Oscar T. Vallejo, ASCOT VP-Academic Affairs (in plaid shirt). With them are the ASCOT streetdancers. Click on the picture to view the large version.

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ANSHS 24th Foundation Anniversary – Alumni Pictures

ANSHS Alumni

ANSHS stands for Aurora National Science High School, the school where I graduated yeeaaaarrrrsssss ago. So we were invited to participate in the 24th Foundation Anniversary celebration by joining the opening parade, program and fun games on  February 4. I managed to haggle a dozen or so alumni to join. We solicited money from our classmates and managed to collect enough to take care of the tarps, the sound system rental, some foodies and the meeting cum drinking session after the event. The celebration lasted for 4 days but we only attended the first day and some alumni managed to catch the variety show on the 6th. Next time, we will outnumber the students. The picture above shows the grads jumping for joy.

ANSHS Alumni

And these are the 4th year kids doing their version of the jump.

ANSHS Alumni

From left: Ryan Soriao, Joseph Morada, Junafe Fernandez-Laureles, Nanie Amat, Dedeth Zubia, Joseph Gonzales, Ellen De Castro, Gigoy Ferrer-Avila, Solomon Cresencio Paul Peñaloza, Michael Palispis, May-Ann Asilo, Herbert Fernandez, Mayreen Valenzuela-Amazona, Bryan Poblete and Sean Buencamino.

The pictures:

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ANSHS Batch 19

click on image for the bigger picture

Congratulations to Class ’05 of the Aurora National Science High School and to the valedictorian KC Macose. Batch 91 alumnus Jules T. Noveras was the guest speaker. He managed to make a shoutout to BatangBaler during his speech.