Batangbaler Email is Working Again

To all 3 batangbaler readers who uses the @batangbaler.net email address, the service is working again. You can receive emails in your mailbox again. The mail settings was changed when the website was transfered to a different server. I forgot to reconfigure it. Sorry for that.

This is the link to batangbaler email –> http://mail.google.com/a/batangbaler.net

To those who want to have their own batangbaler email address, just holler in my direction and i will gladly make one for you. Or you can email me at batangbaler at gmail dot com.

The King of Pop lives!

2 Responses to “Batangbaler Email is Working Again”

  1. Ang Bagong Bukang Liwayway ng Aurora Says:

    Sir, how bout batangbaler shirt?,sana maibalik uli iyun at ng magkaroon uli, kasarap pagsusuut nun pag nasa baba.

  2. vidson Says:

    are ha? tatlu lang talaga?

    ayus! may cool na ulit akung e-mail ad. hehehe