Batangbaler Down

For those of you who can still access Batangbaler via this blog, the main BB server is down because it has reached it’s bandwidth limit for the month. It means that the main website cannot be accessed including the guestbook, messageboard and all pictures located in the server. Things will be back to normal by March 1, hopefully with new updates. Please inform other regular Batangbaler visitors about this. Most Akaws using the www.batangbaler.net will only get a “bandwidth limit exceeded” message. If you can read this, it means that you are using the www.batangbaler.blogspot.com address. This blog is still working because this is not located in the Batangbaler server but some pictures will not be available.

Batangbaler has a 5 GB bandwith allocation per month, the highest in the webhost package. Usually the average 300 to 400 visits per day on the site does not even consume half of this bandwidth. But because of horny Pinoy’s frantic search for the Ethel Booba video, traffic to BatangBaler now reaches more than 1000 visits per day, more that double the average. And that’s because Ethel Booba once had a show here in Baler that BB covered. BB don’t have the Booba videos. That coupled with legit visits to see the latest Aurora Day 2005 pictures used up all of BB’s bandwidth.

So see you on March 1 peeps. Hang on tight. We have tons of updates for you.

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5 Responses to “Batangbaler Down”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have the video… harhar!
    f u want it email me at [email protected]
    yes Im a gurl but im just borrowing this person’s identity coz ___ hates her

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tagal nman…. Mar 1 pa?

  3. ron2on says:

    It’s March 1…
    Welcome back BatangBaler.Net

  4. Anonymous says:

    March 1 na…. Welcome back… Happy Birtday Allan Ancheta

  5. Anonymous says:

    As in March 2006 pa…Akaw!!!Tagal naman nun…He he.. Baler na baler noh?

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