Baler Fiesta 2009: Trade Fair


In the official schedule of events, this one is called Agri-Industrial Trade Fair and Tourism and Investment Fair. I’ll just call it trade fair. It’s a yearly event spearheaded by the Department of Trade and Industry to promote local products. What’s new this year is that there are booths from the different provinces of Central Luzon, which makes the thing more exciting. I was late for the opening ceremony but managed to tag along with Gov. BAC while she’s doing her traditional shopping to support the trade exhibitors. She was with Mayor Angara and other visitors. She even gave me a pack of polburon, tamarind balls from Bataan and a Baler 400 tshirt. Go check it out.

PS: Obviously I’m not going to all of this year’s fiesta events because some of them are happening at the same time, there’s only me and myself in here, I have a real job that actually pays for my daily bread, and i have this chronic illness called laziness. There’s already tons of events that i missed like the exciting chess tournament, the motocross and 4×4 show at Kinalapan, the fishing competition at labasin and the skateboarding challenge at the capitol. So if you have pictures or news of these events, find a way to put it online and give me a poke so I can post the links. Or you can give me the pictures (personally or through email) and I will gladly post them with credits to your name.

Now back to the the trade fair pictures:

Click here for the pictures

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  1. [...] . Baler sa Puso Ko Zarzuela on August 12-15. There’s also the Baler 400 Art Exhibit. The Baler Fiesta Trade Fair. The Gabi ng Musikang Pilipino on August 18. And Ms. Jamie Gonzales is the year’s Bb. Baler. [...]

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