Araw ng Aurora Day 4

February 12, Day 4 of the celebration was the finals of the 1st Aurora Surfing Challenge and the Awarding Night of both the surfing and skateboarding competitions. Bad weather prevented the staging of the surfing finals at Cemento Reef. Instead it was held at the Sabang Beach. I have no photos of both the finals and the awarding night. 3 weeks of 2-hour sleep every day took its toll and my body forced me to go to sleep mode. I hit the bed on the 11th and woke up on the 13th. I still need to hunt the usual suspects for backup photos.

Meanwhile, here are the result of the two competitions:

3rd Aurora Skateboarding Competition:

Open Category:
Champion – Jay-ar Abu (Lipa City, Batangas)
2nd Place – Angelo Torres (Baler)
3rd – Jonathan Tipan (Lipa City, Batangas)

Local Category:
Champion – Kim Amarillo
2nd Place – Anthony Arenas
3rd Place – Joel Gallardo

1st Aurora Surfing Challenge:

Open Division
Champion – Argie Hugo (Baler)
1st Runner-up – Rommel Rojo (Baler)
2nd Runner-up – Smith Dela Torre (Baler)
3rd Runner-up – Jefferson Dela Torre (Baler)

Junior Division
Champion – Jess Alen De Vera (Baler)
1st Runner-up – Mark Espinosa (Baler)
2nd Runner-up – Mark Occy Belen (Baler)
3rd Runner-up – Ryan Torre (Baler)

Grommet Division
Champion – Wilson Faraon (Baler)
1st Runner-up – Jay-r Esquivel (La Union)
2nd Runner-up – Marven Abat (La Union)
3rd Runner-up – Jeffrey Esquivel

Wahine Division
Champion – Daisy Valdez (La Union)
1st Runner-up – Aubrey Namoro (Baler)
2nd Runner-up – Joy Ishii (La Union)
3rd Runner-up – Inyoung Jun (Korea)

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