Araw ng Aurora 2007 Summary

Araw ng Aurora 2007

And with the Sine sa Museo entry, Batangbaler wraps up the coverage of the 2007 Araw ng Aurora celebration. Finally, after almost three months since the event. My initial plan was to post day by day roundup of the event but my gig with the design team and my coverage of the daily events which was both exhausting and exciting prevented me from carrying on with the plan. I took 3206 pictures during the 11-day celebration and about half of them were eventually uploaded in the gallery and posted on the blog.

Click here for the summary of all Aurora Day post

The complete list of all Araw ng Aurora 2007 pictures in the gallery:

1st Aurora Surfing Challenge Day 1 (22 pictures)
1st Aurora Surfing Challenge Day 2 (40 pictures)
1st Aurora Surfing Challenge Day 3 (36 pictures)
3rd Aurora Skateboarding Challenge (51 pictures)
Araw ng mga Kawani (82 pictures)
Drum & Lyre/CAT-1 Competition (101 pictures)
Sining Kalye 2007 (52 pictures)
Aurora Day 2007 Parade and Program (124 pictures)
Kusina Aurora (57 pictures)
Kusina Aurora – Food Shots (40 pictures)
Karansa Street Dance Competition (141 pictures)
Beach Party and Fireworks Display (84 pictures)
Tuklas Talino 2007 (110 pictures)
Binibining Aurora 2007 (127 pictures)
2nd Aurora Dog Show (28 pictures)
Siempre Aurora! Trade Fair (64 pictures)
Tourism and Investment Gallery (42 pictures)
Surf and Sk8 Pictures from Benjie of Elev8 Magazine (53 pictures)
Pakulo ng Walo (63 pictures)
Sine sa Museo (7 pictures)

Batangbaler has been covering the Aurora Day celebrations since 2001.

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  1. [...] Araw ng Aurora 2007 Summary|BATANGBALER – Baler, Aurora, Philippines [...]

  2. [...] Araw ng Aurora 2007 Summary|BATANGBALER – Baler, Aurora, Philippines [...]

  3. Topher Gonzales says:

    Kuya Joseph,

    Congratulations for a job well done! We should have thought of the ‘design team’ much earlier. Kitang-kita ang resulta ng pagod at puyat ninyo nila Metong, Donel at Pelisyokin boys.

    Sa uulitin po…

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    happy times :D

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