Akaw Invasion, Finally!

Remember this? Last November 19, 2004, four days before the first 2004 flash flood hits the Province, Batangbaler staged a successful gig in Manila, at Mayric’s no less, a place they say, where all great local bands are born. It was a gig come true for some of the Baler flavored bands we invited to play. Surely seeing their bands name alongside other greats like Kamikazee, The Youth and Chicosci on the skedboard must be uephoric for these dudes whose previous exposures were mostly through local battle of the bands and barangay fiestas. It also turned out to be the most fun and successful gig set up by BB. The place was brimming with Aurorans. Mayrics was so packed most of us had to stand up and some unlucky peeps had to watch from the sidewalk. The Mayric’s management was so happy that we got a ticket to stage another one anytime we want. We also managed to recover the production cost of the gig and were able to use the remaining bucks for the BB Relief Operation. So it turned out as a fund raising for a yet to happen disaster. I wasn’t able to take pictures of the event since i chose to take video instead. The designated BB photographer that night was Tikbalang and we never saw each other again until last month. That’s why the late posting.

Thanks to all the bands who performed: Pentavia, Orgasm Addicts, Ginger, Enslave and Kwak Kwak. Bhonog Fever was a no show and they were replaced by Ina Ni Basilio. Big thanks also to those who helped with the production: Raygan Palispis for arranging the venue and the Manila-based bands, Else for managing the coffers and the gate, Mets for the art direction, Joan Querijero the executive producer, and Vangie Daton for helping with some production expenses – posters, tarps, etc. And big thanks to all who watched especially those who came all the way from Baler. Sa uulitin. So here’s the much awaited pictures of the gig:

The place in front of UST at EspaƱa. Brings back college nostalgia. We live near the place back in college and we regularly go to the place armed with 50 bucks in our pocket for a bottle of beer and an all night ticket to see Color It Red, The Youth, Eraserheard, Wuds… almost all great bands of the 90’s.

Ina Ni Basilio replacing Bhonog Fever who failed to play on account of their guitarist who can’t go to Manila. This band is all-Baler. This is one of the three bands where Boyet a.k.a Rambo plays the drums.

Outside, Else managing the gate with the help of Ginger’s Alvin. Great poster.

The Akaws really invaded the place.

Enslave, band no. 2 for drummer Boyet.

The kids are alright!

The great drum-a-thon!

More space please.

Still rocking. These kids probably have Pantera shrines in their houses.

Standing room only.

Getting some air.

Pentavia! This is how the girls do it in Cocohut.

Total mayhem.

View from the stage.

Kwak Kwak.

More kwaks.

Orgasm Addicts. Their frontman is in love with Kurt Cobain.

Nice show guys!

More beer please.

Last band: Ginger.

Robert on skins.

From hardcore to reggae. Nice tonedown.


This is Mako’s point of view after a caseful of beer.

The great photo op!

All pictures by Tikbalang.

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    robert’s pic wouuld be nicer if he also removed his pants and undies… hehehehe……

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    ei rey, siga mu sa ysi huh! akw bahala ka pag nakita iyan ng momy mu!!! he hehehehe… rey is ataw’s girlfriend….

  3. Anonymous says:

    Malapit na ang mahal na araw. Uwian
    na diyan sa Baler. Ano ba ang mga activities pag mahal na araw aside sa may pinetensya at prosisyon. Ano ba ang ginagawa sa pagsalubong diyan nang pagkabuhay??

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  6. [...] I arrived late since i came by way of Pampanga and Antipolo. Pentavia was playing when I entered the familiar place but my camera is still in my bag. So i only managed to take pictures of Piledriver from Sta. Rosa , Laguna, Libris Arcana from Baler, Orgasm Addicts, and Ina ni Basilio. Most of the bands have Balerian members and the audience are mostly Aurorans studying in Manila. Some still came from Baler just to play or see this gig. It was a sort of another Akaw Invasion and the members of OA and the Mayrics peeps are happy because they sold many Colt 45. [...]

  7. [...] ng nakaraang Akaw Invasion, ang mga tutugtog sa Akaw Invasion 2 ay mga bandang antigung taga Aurora o may miyembrong tiga [...]

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