A Thank You Note from Sheryl Guerrero

(photo: The Mac Ritual)

To my beloved family, friends, and relatives,

Barely, I could not find enough words to express my sincerest gratitude to all of you who have been very supportive of me when I joined MUTYA NG PILIPINAS. From the bottom of my heart I THANK YOU ALL!!! Thank you for your sleepless nights voting for me online… thank you for all your unceasing prayers… and thank you for just being there to boost me up.

Truthfully, I had a great time joining this once in a lifetime experience. I have learned so many things– things which are not part of my daily living… things that I could not imagine I was able to do and things which I have not thought of will be given to me to savor. People who are close to me and who know me personally can attest that I am really a private person. I would rather hide myself than to be out there in the public. I would rather cheer my friends performing on stage than doing the same in front of an audience. I would rather be in the backroom than in the limelight. Never in my dreams to become a beauty queen—the notion of wearing 5 inch- heels, posing in swimsuit wearing barely nothing, modeling, projecting in front of the camera, rehearsing for a dance number, smile here & there are totally not my stuff.

The typical Sheshe as what my family & friends call me would rather wear flats than high heels, would rather be pale than put some colors on my face, and would rather wear plain shirt than a designer gown. Before, I have never dreamed of becoming a beauty queen but having experienced this overwhelming episode of my life, I could really say that it was truly a pleasure and fulfillment for me as a woman and a gratitude to represent my province AURORA, to carry my surname GUERRERO, and to stand before the crowd and be called your MUTYA. I could say I had a great experience to remember throughout my life… an experience worth reminiscing and an experience worth sharing for. If there is ONE BIG THING that I learned and treasured most from joining Mutya that is… I have realized I am such a LUCKY person, not because of the awards I gathered but rather because I have people in my life who I never thought would be very much eager and give their heartfelt desire to support me. With all these things, what is more important to me is not the MUTYA title but rather, I the realization that with all the warm embraces, genuine smiles and prayers that you gave unselfishly… I am still a true Filipina Beauty Queen in your eyes.


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6 Responses to “A Thank You Note from Sheryl Guerrero”

  1. Nana says:

    Loveth! mwah mwah ate she hehe :D

  2. just stay as you are, she she! good luck!

  3. mon says:

    Congratulation batchmate and school mate when we are in Elementary… You did great. Godbless always.

  4. ladylily says:

    You’re a certified beauty queen in our eyes and in our hearts..winning the crown is not the most important thing but to realize that you have gained a lot of people’s trust and admiration. We are proud of you!!!

  5. Sheshe Guerrero says:

    Sa inyong lahat, maraming maraming salamat :)

    Sa Batang baler, kay kuya joseph thank you.

  6. Eaglewings says:

    Thanks for being a true Auroran. Continue to love and cherish all the God given gifts that you have and strive to be what the Lord want you to be. Live life to the fullest.

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