A Case of an Earthquake in Baler that Was Predicted Accurately

Crustal Stress Analysis is way beyond my understanding, but this article tells of how an earthquake could be predicted with high accuracy using local observation and crustal stress records. The case tells a story of an earthquake near Baler that happened on May 26, 2005. It was predicted as early as May 17, 2005.

It’s been 3 days that the weather here in baler and nearby towns is unusual. i first observed that the environment is somewhat filled with a thin smoke last may 3 around 10PM. i took a look at the window before i went to bed and observed that there was like a smoke that envelopes the environment. i thought that our neighbor burned their dried leaves in the backyard and went to sleep. but the next day, wednesday, may 4, around 5AM, my husband woke me up and told me that it’s foggy outside. i went to the rooftop and yes, it was foggy but i would like to describe it as a smoke that is evenly distributed. it was not cold then, which is usually felt when there’s a fog. when i went to the office in the morning, i passed through the aguang bridge, it’s the longest bridge in the town of Baler. In aguang bridge, baler bay is usually seen in the east, on the west is the sierra madre mountains and on the north is the mountains where the ASCOT (Aurora State College of Technology) is located. But that particular morning, one cannot see the baler bay and the mountains due to clouds/smoke/fog, i really don’t know what that is. Even the ricefields in Brgy. Cabitukulan (road going to Maria Aurora from Baler) are not clearly seen because of the fog/smoke. I had the same observation when i went home in the afternoon. May 5, yesterday, i had the same observation…Then, one of my officemates told us that they had no water yesterday, first time that they experience that the water flowing in their household has no water. But there could be another reason for that such as the pipe is blocked with something. Today, i have the same observation..plus a student that i asked this morning on my way to work (she happened to ride in the same tricycle where i was boarded) told me that the weather is quite unusual. it’s foggy/smokey, but it’s hot/humid..she also told me that her uncle who lives in Casiguran sent them a text message last night that they have this fear that the volcano in Casiguran might erupt because there is an area in the said municipality that cannot be seen due to fog/smoke/cloud… and another thing, though this was not validated, in Brgy. Debucao, all water pumps has no water at all, they can only get water from a single pump in the area. This only happened recently, i think this week. i also observed that the water acquifier infront of the Provincial Veterinary Office decreased its water flow…. There are people here that say the weather is really unusual, smokey/foggy but it’s hot. it’s not actually cloudy because the sun is shining but the sky is not clear. it’s difficult to describe actually…i maybe wrong but i may also be right…i sent this to you and you might have an opinion. please do call for anything that needs immediate action. i’ll be checking my email next week.

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7 Responses to “A Case of an Earthquake in Baler that Was Predicted Accurately”

  1. sublimestylee says:

    eh.. just like that phenomenon move by john travolta. Spine-tingling.

  2. How about the Global Warming?It can be the changes of the climate system…in general!!

  3. TIKIS says:

    kumikidlat nga bagang muli in the same place? remember TROMBA MARINA….?

  4. Wow, ur really observant… If only animals could talk bcoz they are much sensitive to the movement of the earth.

  5. tvdavis says:

    Never hurt to be cautious. Inform the “higher ups” and pray for protection.

  6. decimate says:

    we should be alert in what may happened.. yes global warming is now destructing this world, we just need to be more aware in what is happening face the consequences that we have done in our nature

  7. umaNG says:

    hummmmmm…. more free flowing is needed in Central Aurora, paricularly Baler to aggravate the situation…

    LOCAL OFFICIALS, just keep on sleeping & ignore this signs… then the next time, you will wake up floating… :)

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