9th Aurora Surfing Cup: The Olin Pictures

This week will be a “surf’s up” week for batangbaler as we deliver a motherload of pictures from the recent 9th Aurora Surfing Cup held last Feb 15 to 18. Let’s start with the Olin pictures.

While i’m busy taking pictures of street-dancing kids, some peeps are enjoying time on a yatch taking pictures of surfer dudes taking on the waves of Cemento.

A surfer breakfast.

Hanging out with Sen. Angara (that’s him at the center) in front of his spanking new beach house at Reserva.

Try looking for Jericho Rosales.

Jericho Duaso with Jericho Rosales.

Photo op with the presidential daughter.

Scene from the tower

Mos, Lani and Lady.

A surfer-eating wave.


More wave action.

And more.

Nothing like a danger sign to whet the surfing appetite of these dudes.

Spoiler: The pictures with Ms. Arroyo and Echo Rosales were actually taken in La Union. Jericho will visit Baler next yearssss….

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2 Responses to “9th Aurora Surfing Cup: The Olin Pictures”

  1. kumare says:

    sinong mas gwapo si jericho duaso o si jericho rosales? nagtatanong lang po.

  2. Anonymous says:

    ak-kaw akala ku pa naman, nagpunta nga si echo sa baler. ipaghahambug ku pa naman sana sa mga ka opisina ku…

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