9th Aurora Surfing Cup: Kidlat Pictures Pt. 1

Before this website shuts down again for bandwidth exhaustion, here are my pics. I saved them for last because these are mostly people pics. Just a few water pictures because the camera i was using can’t zoom enough to distinguish a surfer from a flying fish.

Baler’s beach in primary colors.

The Siargao Team

New past time: skimboarding

Gov. Castillo giving a peptalk

The Angaras opening The Tower

Phot op. That’s Lisa on blue rashies and Akaw boardshort.

one tower short of the Two Towers

Board meeting

BatangBaler’s Pwera Katid shirt.

Lani and Lady modelling the pasirit shirts.

The beach bazaar.

Denden entertaining the Las Vegas dancers.

Flying fish.

The beach.

Another fish

View from the beach.

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