September 2010 Bar Exam Results

The results of the September 2010 Bar Exams will be released today, March 17, 2011. from

SC Public Information Office deputy chief Gleoresty Guerra said that Chief Justice Corona has called for a special en banc (full court) session on Thursday morning “for the decoding of the 2010 Bar examinations results.”


After the decoding, the names will be flashed on video screens mounted near the Supreme Court’s Padre Faura gate. The exact time the names will be flashed depends on the time the decoding ends and the number of those who passed the exams, Layusa said.

The results will be posted in the Supreme Court website.

Let’s see if there will be new lawyers from Aurora Province. You can also alert Batangbaler if we have a kababayan who successfully “crossed the bar” at the Batangbaler Facebook Page.

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