10 Events You Should Not Miss on Aurora Day – #10

Parada ng Lalawigan/Anniversary Program
February 19, 2011
Parade: Baler Central School to Capitol Grounds
Program: Capitol Grounds

Aurora Day 2011 Parade
Aurora Day 2011 Parade

There are many parades during the entire Aurora Day Celebration but if you could only watch one, this should be it. It “summarizes” all the parades that happened during the whole Aurora Day. The winners of the Drum and Lyre and the Street Dancing competitions will be there as well as the floats of all the municipalities of the Province with their respective Bb. Aurora candidates on top. For years I’ve been noticing that the best float is always the one by Dinalungan and sadly Baler’s float is always the worst looking. I hope they will make it better this year. The guest of honor and officials of the Province will head the parade. Employees and selected students of different national and local government agencies and schools will also join the parade. When they pass by, it’s the best time to rest and eat fishballs and scramble because they’re merely there for the attendance.

The first part of the Anniversary Program is the most important. It’s when they honor the mother of the Province, Mrs. Aurora A. Quezon with a wreath-laying ceremony at her statue in front of the capitol. Then the program will begin, rarely mentioning Mrs. Quezon. Expect lots of people on stage praising each other.

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