10 Events You Should Not Miss on Aurora Day – #1

The Aurora Day Celebration is a two-week event and you deserve a Diploma if you can manage to watch all the events. Some events will also be happening at the same time so you will also need superpowers to complete the task. So if you’re a mere mortal, here’s a guide to help you on what you should not miss during the celebrations. I will post this in installment and not according to rank. These are also just my suggestions and you probably have something better on your mind – like watching people catch fish or storming the baratillos. It’s your choice.

#1 – The 5th Aurora Surfing Challenge/7th Skateboarding Competition

Okay, I’m cheating here but these two are both extreme sports and will be happening almost at the same time so I’m bunching them into one.

Aurora Day 2011 - 5th Aurora Surfing Challenge
Aurora Day 2011 - 5th Aurora Surfing Challenge

5th Aurora Surfing Challenge

Date: February 9 – 13, 2011
Location: Eliminations/Semis – Labasin Beach, Sabang, Baler, Aurora; Finals – Cemento Reef, Baler Aurora
Awarding: February 13, 2011

Don’t let the number in the event title fool you. Aurora has been doing surfing competitions since 1997. This year should be the 14th Aurora Surfing Cup. Unfortunately, five years ago the new set of organizers decided to reboot the event and started counting from 1 again. Local surfers love to call Baler as the birthplace of Philippine surfing and they have the classic surfers to prove it. Not even Siargao can pull out a surfer from the pipes that’s as old as Raul Tolentino, Rodel Novicio, Edwin Namoro or Boss Duaso. There used to be only one surfing event in Aurora, now I think there’s one for every month of the surfing season. But the biggest event is the one happening every Aurora Day – The Aurora Surfing Challenge. Every February, the best Pinoy surfers in the country do a pilgrimage to this small town by the Pacific to join the competition and try to bag any of the 16 prizes up for grabs. There’s an Open competition, a Junior Division, a Grommet Division (kids) and a Wahine Division (girls). This year’s pot is 75,000 pesos and other shwags for the grand champion. All the events will be happening at the Labasin Beach. Grand finals will be at the Cobra Reef in Cemento. There’s no exact time for the contest because it depends on the mood of the waves. Just go there early in the morning and feel the surfing vibes.

Aurora Day 2011 - 7th Skateboarding Competition
Aurora Day 2011 - 7th Skateboarding Competition

7th Skateboarding Competition

Date: February 11-12, 2011
Venue: Capitol Grounds, Baler, Aurora
Awarding: February 13, 2011

Although relatively young the Aurora Skateboarding Competition has grown to be another nationally recognized extreme sports event like the Aurora Surfing Competition. There are actually great local skater bois and a good bunch of them are winning in national competitions. This contest was actually a spawn of the Lukso Happy Competition that’s being held every August during Baler Fiesta. This is a smashing event for lovers of extreme sports and kids who want to learn how to break bones properly.

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