10 Events You Should Not Miss on Aurora Day – #10

Parada ng Lalawigan/Anniversary Program
February 19, 2011
Parade: Baler Central School to Capitol Grounds
Program: Capitol Grounds

Aurora Day 2011 Parade
Aurora Day 2011 Parade

There are many parades during the entire Aurora Day Celebration but if you could only watch one, this should be it. It “summarizes” all the parades that happened during the whole Aurora Day. The winners of the Drum and Lyre and the Street Dancing competitions will be there as well as the floats of all the municipalities of the Province with their respective Bb. Aurora candidates on top. For years I’ve been noticing that the best float is always the one by Dinalungan and sadly Baler’s float is always the worst looking. I hope they will make it better this year. The guest of honor and officials of the Province will head the parade. Employees and selected students of different national and local government agencies and schools will also join the parade. When they pass by, it’s the best time to rest and eat fishballs and scramble because they’re merely there for the attendance.

The first part of the Anniversary Program is the most important. It’s when they honor the mother of the Province, Mrs. Aurora A. Quezon with a wreath-laying ceremony at her statue in front of the capitol. Then the program will begin, rarely mentioning Mrs. Quezon. Expect lots of people on stage praising each other.

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10 Events You Should Not Miss on Aurora Day – #8

Kinagunasan Festival/Street Dancing Competition
February 18, 2011
Capitol Grounds, Baler, Aurora

Aurora Day 2011 Street Dancing
Aurora Day 2011 Street Dancing Competition

276 years ago, on December 27, 1735, the small town of Baler was devastated by a tidal wave that almost wiped-out the entire village. It was said that only a few families survived the catastrophe. The incident we now call Tromba Marina prompted our ancestors to relocate the town to it’s present location. They called the old village Kinagunasan. That piece of history serves as the backdrop of this year’s reboot of the street dance competition titled Kinagunasan: A festival of Hope, A Celebration of Life. I like to see how the the other towns would interpret this piece of history into dance since the Tromba Marina happened only in Baler and the other towns were spared by the devastation.

For a great account of the Tromba Marina, read this article by Olag Selaznog.

10 Events You Should Not Miss on Aurora Day – #7

Binibining Aurora 2011
February 17, 2011
Sentro Baler

Aurora Day 2011 - Binibining Aurora
Aurora Day 2011 - Binibining Aurora

According to reliable source called Facebook, this year’s Bb. Aurora is the 21st pageant since it started in 1987. There were four Aurora Foundation Day events when the search was never held 1991, 1997,1998 and 1999. The municipality with the most numbers of Bb. Aurora title holders was Dingalan with 6 followed by Baler with 5. Dilasag and Dipaculao don’t have a title holder yet. The longest winning streak – San Luis where the last three Bb. Aurora winners came from. Will the winning streak continue? Or will it end this year? Find out on February 17 as the biggest Bb. Aurora and the most expensive Aurora Day event happens at Sentro Baler. Balerian Mets Espinosa will direct the pageant.

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10 Events You Should Not Miss on Aurora Day – #6

Karera ng Kalabaw
February 16, 2011
Baler Central School Compound

Aurora Day 2011 - Karera ng Kalabaw
Aurora Day 2011 - Karera ng Kalabaw (photo by Donna Friginal)

I think this is only the third time that this event will be held as part of Aurora Day Celebration. I’ve never seen this one before but looking at the pictures from last year’s event it looks like this is not just a carabao race but also a carabao beauty contest as all the animals looked like they went to a beauty parlor first before going to the contest. Not an original concept since this kind of race is also being done in other parts of the country but it’s new in town so let’s not miss this one this time.

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10 Events You Should Not Miss on Aurora Day – #5

Tuklas Talino (Galing ng Aurora)
February 15, 2011 7:00 pm
Sentro Baler

Aurora Day 2011 - Tuklas Talino
Aurora Day 2011 - Tuklas Talino

This is Aurora’s version of Pinoy Idol, Showtime and U Can Dance all rolled into one, which is a re-imagined version of the staple Dance and Singing contest every fiesta time. When I first heard the title of this event I thought it was a Quiz Bee. I’m glad that they are now renaming it as Galing ng Aurora although the Tuklas Talino title is still being used. This is a contest in Singing, Modern Dance and Ballroom Dance with a grommet and open division. Each municipality is represented by the respective winners in their own local Tuklas thing. The Balerianos of Showtime fame trace their roots in this local competition. This year look out for their special guest – Teri Aunor. Tuklas Talino will be held at the Sentro Baler.

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10 Events You Should Not Miss on Aurora Day – #4

Nightly Parties
February 14 – A Valentine’s to Remember (Capitol Grounds)
February 15 – Reggae Night (Capitol Grounds)
February 17 – RnB Night (Capitol Grounds)
February 18 – Acoustic Nights (Capitol Grounds)
February 18 – People’s Party (Sabang Beach)
February 19 – Governor’s Ball (Sentro Baler/Capitol Grounds)

Aurora Day 2011 - Valentines Party
Aurora Day 2011 - Valentines Party

I’m guessing that this was conceptualized as a nightly genre music concerts featuring local and national acts. The Valentine’s Party on February 14 will be a night of “music and ballroom dancing” with performances by Anton Diva and The Gwadings. February 15 will be a Reggae Night that I guess will have performances by Baler’s popular reggae acts. I hope they play the surfer song “Bujangin”. The original events sked listed a Disco Night on February 16 but was later scrapped to give way to the Bb. Aurora Talent Night to be held at the same venue. I hope the Stayin Alive and VST&Co. fans would not be disappointed. February 17 is RnB Night. I don’t know any good Rhythm and Blues local bands so let’s hope the Tourism office bring in at least Rihanna to make the night exciting. There will be two parties on February 18. For the beer drinkers and rockers, there’s the People’s Party at the Sabang Beach after the Fireworks Display. I heard that show sponsor San Miguel Beer will bring in Alamid, that local band we loved in the early 90’s for giving us the hits “Your Love” and “Batibot”. Also on the same night, there will be an Acoustic Night at the Capitol Grounds. I know some great acoustic singers in town so this should be a great gig. On the last night of Aurora Day Celebrations, Governor Bellaflor Angara-Castillo will treat the government employees of the Province and her guests to a night of ballroom dancing and musical performances. This event is what we used to call as “Auditorium” years ago. I also heard that there will be a Beer na Beer concert at the Beach featuring Parokya ni Edgar. This is not a part of the Aurora Day official events but let’s hope it’s true. If it’s not true them my reliable source is not that really reliable and I will remove him from my Facebook friends list promptly.

10 Events You Should Not Miss on Aurora Day – #3

Tourism and Trade Fair
February 14 – 19, 2011 – Capitol Grounds

Aurora Day 2011 - Tourism and Trade Fair
Aurora Day 2011 - Tourism and Trade Fair

The Tourism and Trade fair is a showcase of Aurora’s best destinations, best products and best foods. The tourism part features creatively designed booths by the eight municipalities of Aurora. It’s also a contest so every year the 7 municipalities try their best to beat Dinalungan. Each booth features the best places to go to and the best adventures to experience in Aurora. They also feature the best local products that their municipalities can offer. The trade Fair part of this event is a tribute to the entrepreneurs of the Province. Expect lots of sabutan products, furnitures, locally made foods and souvenirs. The fair will run from February 14 to 19.

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