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The Art of Johann L. Bitancor

Jose Johann L. Bitancor

Jose Johann L. Bitancor

Before devoting himself full-time into painting, Jose Johann L. Bitancor has been a seasoned Visualizer/Graphic designer in the Philippines. As a designer, his practice ranged from exhibition designs to Advertising and Promotional materials for several Communications and Marketing Firms.

Upon his migration to the U.S. in 2003, he sought to further increase his knowledge and enrolled at the University of Memphis in 2004, during which he was also granted a scholarship at the Memphis College of Art in 2006. Very recently, his longtime passion for sculpture produced several works in wood. Coupled with relentless experimentation with materials, his works now include textural abstractions based on everyday life’s experiences.

A graduate of Fine Arts from Far Eastern University in 1996, Bitancor has exhibited his works in 50th Manila F.A.M.E. International-October 2009, World Trade Center, Manila, Philippines, Fiesta Resort Guam, Tumon Guam-November 12- 14, 2009 and Art in the Park, Jaime Velasquez Park, Salcedo Village Makati-Feb. 27, 2010 among others.

He was an active member of the Baler Art Group and 901 Creatives.com based in Memphis Tennessee.

Johann’s website: http://johannartworks.webs.com/

More of Johann’s artworks:

Jose Johann L. Bitancor

Jose Johann L. Bitancor

Jose Johann L. Bitancor

Jose Johann L. Bitancor

Jose Johann L. Bitancor

Jose Johann L. Bitancor

Jose Johann L. Bitancor

Jose Johann L. Bitancor

Jose Johann L. Bitancor

Jose Johann L. Bitancor

Jose Johann L. Bitancor

Jose Johann L. Bitancor

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8 Responses to The Art of Johann L. Bitancor

  1. job says:

    thanks joseph……….

  2. Bugoy says:

    These artists are so talented. 100% aggree aku duun. Pero pwede siguro na medyo bawasan iyung “lalim” of their works for the mean time para ma-catch up “ku” o nila. I mean there are so many potential buyers around bro. Sayang….why not make something like “a buyer can really put that artworks in their living room? I’ve read about “Picasso” and his works cost millions of dollars each painting he made but……which one you want to choose? Practically people today want something that they can hang and decorate their living room. From there bro…don’t waste it.
    Let them discover you and i guaranty you….once you become famous of those apetizers…they’ll hunt you to make even a painting of simplest thing and they’ll pay you.

  3. balerian says:

    talagang ganyan laang Igan. ang priority ng tunay na artist ay gumawa ng kung ano ang kanilang gustong gawin, secondary laang ang fame, money or anything else. alalahanin natin may mga sikat na artist na halos namatay na sa gutom at halos itakwil ng balana, pero nunca nabago baga nag kanilang paggawa ng obra?

    photographer at cartoonist nga namin noon mahilig sa abstract, laging kong punupuna dahil de ku mawawaan ng ginagawa. sagot ni alvin, pre ganyan ang style at gusto ko ay, bahala kang imintindi, kanya kanayang diskarte laang iyan.

  4. balerian says:

    ang art ay tunay na malalim kaibigan, hindi pwedeng mag adjust ang “tunay” na artist sa gusto ng mga buyers.

    halimbawa gusto mo ng painting ni picasso o mondrian kaso ang tema na gusto mo realistic na para talagang totoo “bukid o bulaklak” na pwedeng i dispaly sa living room mo dahil yun lang ang taste mo, e alam mo naman na cubism at abstract ang ginagawa nila…….mabuti siguro magpagawa ka sa mga commercial artists…..o bumili ka sa recto.

    marami din na mga taong mahilig magpinta at akala nila ay talagang pintor na sila, dahil magkaiba ang nagpipintor pintoran sa tunay na pintor o “artist”. ang pagiging artist ang binabaka…..may talent, pinag-aralan at higit sa lahat marunong mag-isip may lalim.

    hindi yung bumili ng brush at pintura, napasama sa mga exhibits, kahit ilang milyon na exhibits ang samahan mo kung wala ka ring talent at hindi mo alam ang iyung ginagawa……..hindi ka pa rin “pintor o artist”.


  5. artist says:

    art is not merely for the sake of beauty there is more beyond that……and money is important only to survive but art is more important in humanity…..find it in yourself.

  6. maya says:

    he has a nice art work

  7. good work!! i love it………

  8. Art Lover says:

    Wow! It’s good to hear that even from a few remarks, people get to talk about art especially among Balerians. It is indeed a rarity. There is much truth about “Balerian” and “Artist”‘s comments. Art’s dissemination and cultural transformation is really a hard task especially nowadays when people’s minds and their capacity to think critically are numbed and thwarted by false values espoused by the popular media. Art when serving more intellectual and humanitarian ends can be a form of dialogue or “agency of change” whereby our “humanity” is re-affirmed , despite the popular notion that to live “well” means to acquire and to possess. Art is a recluse but not an escape from the less desirable realities that we all have to face everyday. Artists serve to absorb these tensions if only to reconfigure for us and present anew and in a more tangible manner what we miss to see, feel, understand and value in life.

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