MLQ’s Official Car on Display at the Quezon Park

As part of the Baler 400 celebration and the 131st birth anniversary of President Manuel L. Quezon, the National Historical Institute brought to Baler the newly restored official car of MLQ during the commonwealth, a 1937 Chrysler Airflow limousine. The car was restored to it’s original condition by Alfred Motorworks in cooperation with Alfred Nobel R. Peres, restorer from the Vintage Car Club of the Philippines. The car was presented to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo this morning, August 19, 2009 by NHI Chairman Ambeth Ocampo.

MLQ Presidential Car
MLQ Presidential Car

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  1. thanks for this one…have always been wondering what happened to this car and that of McArthur’s which I have seen displayed from my first visit to Corregidor Island (2001) and disappeared the next time I went back (2007 I think). Good ot know it’s still around.

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