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Baler Fiesta 2009: Street Arches

2009 Baler Fiesta - Street Arches

2009 Baler Fiesta - Street Arches

Pictures of the different street arches currently on display along the streets of the Poblacion of Baler. This is a design competition between barangays and other establishments. The theme is about the 400th anniversary of Baler and materials should mostly be from recycled products. The decors look great during the day and better at night. Enjoy!

Click here for the photos

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4 Responses to Baler Fiesta 2009: Street Arches

  1. McJordan says:

    What an awesome fiesta celebration of Baler. Highlighted with colorful
    and wonderful arches from different barangays. Congratulations !!!

  2. Mila Surbano says:

    Im so excited to see your arches… may i see some of the pictures of your beautifully designed arches… as i read from the comments… thanks.

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  4. andrew says:

    how about for this year’s fiesta? im so excited to be there do we have the official schedule of events for this year? sa muli ako’y magbabalik para kayong lahat ay makasama at makadaupangpalad…

    hintayin nyo ko ha….hehehehe…

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