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The photos are coming in so fast I don’t have time to update them here. Regularly check Batangbaler’s BubbleShare page to see the latest pictures.

Latest pictures:
Tuklas Talino Competition on February 16
Battle of the Bands on February 15
Baler 400 Years Anniversary – Painting Contest t ATI (February 16)
Bb. Aurora 2009 – February 17
Street Dancing Competition – February 18
Brownman Revival @ the Beach – February 18
February 19 Parade and Program

Aurora Day 2009 – February 15

Pictures of the Drum and Lyre Competition – High School division. The competition started with a parade early in the morning. The elementary competition was also held in the morning. I was still sleeping when it happened, so i missed the morning show. These pictures were all taken this afternoon. The drum and lyre team from Maria Aurora is the overall champion (I think). They were the group in blue costume at the end of the slide show.

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Click here or the slideshow above to view the bigger pictures.

Aurora Day 2009 – February 14

Night scenes at the capitol. Valentine’s Concert featuring Kadekada and Jonathan Urbano’s band. Plus pictures of the Bb. Aurora candidates. With bonus pictures of the bands’ second set at Bistro Baler.

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Click here or the slideshow above to view the big pictures.

Video sampler from last nigth’s show:

Internet connection courtesy of the Provincial Tourism Office.

Aurora Day 2009 Pictures – February 13

The pictures from yesterday’s activities – February 13. This day marks the formal opening of the Aurora Day Celebration. Some events are the Araw ng Kawani (Government Employees Day), The Opening of the week-long sportfest between different government agencies, a recognition program for the best government workers and agencies in Aurora, clean and green awards, a cheerdance competition in the afternoon, the opening of the Tourism and Trade Fair, the inaugural photo exhibit of the Batang Aurora Camera Club (i’m a member), and the blessing of the new APGEA restaurant/canteen (in front of capitol) in the evening. Other events that started this day is the Aurora Surfing Challenge at Sabang Beach and the Skateboarding Competition at the Baler Municipal Plaza.

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Click here or on the slideshow above if you want to see the bigger pictures. Cheers!

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