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Batangbaler is Mobile

that QR code thingy above is the key to browsing Batangbaler in your selipon. Just scan it if you have a QR Code Reader installed in your mobile device. If you don’t, download one here, or here. Or you can just type this address in your mobile browser: http://feed2mobile.kaywa.com/202185942

In a few hours, Else will try this and report if its working.

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3 Responses to Batangbaler is Mobile

  1. else says:

    adyos. napressure naman akung itry. kaso lang hinde ko naintindihan ang instruction. hekhek..hinde pati ako makapaginternet sa treo with globe sim, bakit kaya?

  2. tantul says:

    me madadawnlod kaya ritung mga tones? haha.. chka mga pix nam baler.. haha.. ayus tu para sa mga katulad kung sa selipin lang nagkakaruun nan taym para ma browse nan mga wapsites..

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