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Buhay na Tubig

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Buhay Na Tubig – Agua Viva es un documental sobre la vida de familias de pescadores en Baler, provincia de Aurora, Filipinas.
Una mirada sobre la difícil realidad social, económica y medioambiental que enfrentan estas familias; y el registro de los esfuerzos realizados en conjunto por filipinos y españoles, con el fin de mejorar las condiciones de vida de esta pobla´ción.
Buhay Na Tubig -Agua Viva se ha rodado en el marco de un proyecto de cooperación al desarrollo ejecutado por la ONGD española Fundeso, junto a la Universidad de Tecnología de Aurora, ASCOT; con el apoyo de la Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional, AECI.


Buhay Na Tubig – Agua Viva is a documentary about the lives of families of fishermen in Baler, Aurora province, Philippines.

Looking on the difficult social, economic and environmental reality faced by these families, and the the efforts made jointly by Philippine and Spain, with the aim of improving the living conditions of this town. Buhay Na Tubig-Agua Viva was shot in the framework of a cooperation project development executed by the Spanish NGO Fundeso, along with the Aurora State College of Technology, with the support of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, AECI.

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One Response to Buhay na Tubig

  1. boknuy says:

    Kid, can you post this without any censorship!? :)

    This project is another classic case of a failed attempts to empower, educate, uplift the lives of poor fishing communities in our Country The project aimed high with staff dedication and passion for community development and social progress. Journey to development is not easy as what (Julia) says in the film, she is not a local resident and by now she also realizes that. Working with people especially the fishermen and their family is easy but working with people who has positions in Academe and Politics often spoils the broth due to selfish vested interests and indifference. Take a look for example on our System of Education in Aurora, for many going to ASCOT is already a hopeful step towards better future for young aspiring talents of the province. Yet instructors has some forms of monkey business aside form teaching, lets just say income generating corruption shall i say. The TRUTH REALLY HURTS, right students??!!

    Going back to that previous project, has the hardships of those dedicated people really materialized or has it been devoured by our rotten system? Has the people benefited the project or only few people have benefited from the corrupted money from the Project? Ive seen projects and infrastructures that never materialized, Ice plants turned to goat stable, office getting ransacked or big hatchery tanks with skinny tilapia or bad road networks with a large Political billboard on the side… The people who suffered much are those who see hope for development, these are fishermen, farmers, business sectors, in short all people of Baler or the Province. Has people from ASCOT continue bearing the cross for the project’s cause or they too dont want to make extra efforts because theres no honorarium? If people from the outside made extra efforts why not us who lived here and probably die on this land. How many projects will still fall the same trap over and over again? How many hope will our government breaks? For people who still aim to help in this kind of initiatives dont loose your heart, learn from the past projects’ lapses and be wary of people in politics and fight for the common goodness..

    This plight is not for those who are too old in our rotten system but for the younger people who still sharpens its talents for better contribution to our society. I still believe that one day, these walls against development founded by great families in politics will break and crumble and new young honest leaders will replace them. Like i believe in the second coming of our saviour, if that doesnt come then i dont believe in God anymore!

    Thanks Kid!

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