Aurora Day 2008 Pictures Update

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Recently added to the Aurora Day 2008 photo gallery:Some Battle of the Bands Pictures
More Bb. Aurora 2008 pictorial shots
Tuklas Talino ( a singing and dancing competition, not a quiz bee)
Bb. Aurora 2008 Coronation Night

Click here to go to the Aurora Day 2008 pictures. The new ones are at the end of the photo gallery.

2 thoughts on “Aurora Day 2008 Pictures Update”

  1. … talagang nkikita ang pag unlad ng aurora…
    san nman mas lalo pang umunlad sa pag dating ng panhon…
    go!!! mabuhay ang AURORA khit sana iba ang mga nanunungkulan sana mas lalo pang umunlad ito….

    concern lang….

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