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110 Years Ago Today

We should celebrate this historic event:

On the evening of 4 October 1897, Novicio and his men camped five kilometers outside the town to make a final and detailed preparation for the assault. He divided his men into three groups. First group was under his command camouflaged in a uniform of the Spanish infantrymen to exterminate the lone sentry guarding the patio. The second group under Captain Norberto Valenzuela was assigned to take the Commandancia. Third group commanded by Captain Ricardo Novicio was charged of the schoolhouse. Novicio’s last words before the attack;

“If anyone of you fail me, I will shoot him without pity.”

Around 11:30 PM the groups proceeded their separate way and went to their specific assigned mission. As planned, Novicio’s group entered the main entrance without being challenged. They disarmed the lone sentry and clubbed him to death. But before the sentry was knockout unconsciously, he was able to fire a shot, and yelled: “Alas armas cazadores” (Take arms infantrymen). Novicio launched the attack. The noise and the shouts of wounded woke up those who were sleeping and those who could grab their guns fight desperately to the bitter end.

Read the “Putok sa Dikaloyungan” story written by Olag Selaznog.

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