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Sorry for the Downtime

Sorry for the 1-day downtime. I guess the 20GB monthly bandwidth for the site is not enough for all the Kapatid ni Amy fans who swarmed to listen and download the song. The local music scene is alive! I used to set the bandwidth on unlimited mode and just pay for the extra juice but BB is running on a very tight budget so I needed to put a cap on the juicer. The last fund drive didn’t go so well.

Anyway don’t forget to come to Akaw Invasion 2 on September 8. Consider it a Batangbaler meetup of sorts. I’m sure it would be fun.

By the way, do you think that our beloved province of Aurora is still unspoiled?

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3 Responses to Sorry for the Downtime

  1. else says:

    akaw english na ta ay..da ibalik mu ang buwan ng wika! :-)

  2. Denver says:

    Denver Dukha From Brgy Mapalad Dinalungan Aurora ……. email me [email protected]….

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