Anihan – The Araw ng Aurora 2007 Theme Song

This celebration theme song thingy has been going on for three years. It was a brainchild of Mr. Christopher Gonzales – the provincial tourism head who is now on leave. The first one was used for the Street Dance competition. It was titled “Pagsibol” and composed and performed by some members of the band Reggae Mistress. The second one is called “Paatag” created by Doc Urbino who is a member of Manila band Chubibo. It was a collaboration of artists coming from different bands.

This year, Aurora Day’s theme music is much closer to home. Mr. Jonathan Urbano from Baler, with some help from friends, composed, produced and performed in Anihan, the theme music of Araw ng Aurora 2007 celebrations. I’ve heard all the three songs i mentioned and this is the best in the bunch.

Download the MP3 file here
Anihan – the Araw ng Aurora 2007 theme music
Jonathan Urbano and Empiel Palma – words and music
Lilibeth Bitancor Metran (also from Baler), AK Bitancor, Empiel Palma – vocals
Jayson – percussion and chants
Jonathan Urbano – violin, producer
Empiel Palma – acoustic guitar, bass guitar
Dodong – drums
Ray Amigo – sound engineer, mixing
Recorded at LYPS Recording Studio, T. Morato, Quezon City
(all rights reserved)

Bonus info: Jonathan is the violinist of Mirahel, the band featured in the PCSO commercial Walang Kupas with the song Dampi. Check here and here

Dingalan Logging Docu

According to the blurb: “This video is the first part of a segment in “Luzon: Disaster and Hope,” a documentary produced by Moving Concepts and the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism. Filmed and directed by Antonio Gerena. Written and reported by Howie Severino.” This is mostly about Dingalan, Aurora and was made back in 1993. Pay close attention to the scene where Peter Walpole is presenting a scenario on what might happen in the Dingalan area if the logged-out mountains were saturated with water. That was exactly waht happed in 2004, more than 10 years later. More info here.

The videos after the jump.

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Araw ng Aurora 2007 – Siempre Aurora Trade Fair

Aurora Day 2007

Siempre Aurora Trade Fair is a weeklong showcase of Aurora made products. Everything Aurora in one location – sabutan, coconut products, furnitures, processed foods, agricultural products and pink rice. The trade fair was held inside the capitol compound and ran from February 13 to 19. It was organized by the Department of Trade and Industry – Aurora.

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