ANSHS 24th Foundation Anniversary – Alumni Pictures

ANSHS Alumni

ANSHS stands for Aurora National Science High School, the school where I graduated yeeaaaarrrrsssss ago. So we were invited to participate in the 24th Foundation Anniversary celebration by joining the opening parade, program and fun games on  February 4. I managed to haggle a dozen or so alumni to join. We solicited money from our classmates and managed to collect enough to take care of the tarps, the sound system rental, some foodies and the meeting cum drinking session after the event. The celebration lasted for 4 days but we only attended the first day and some alumni managed to catch the variety show on the 6th. Next time, we will outnumber the students. The picture above shows the grads jumping for joy.

ANSHS Alumni

And these are the 4th year kids doing their version of the jump.

ANSHS Alumni

From left: Ryan Soriao, Joseph Morada, Junafe Fernandez-Laureles, Nanie Amat, Dedeth Zubia, Joseph Gonzales, Ellen De Castro, Gigoy Ferrer-Avila, Solomon Cresencio Paul Peñaloza, Michael Palispis, May-Ann Asilo, Herbert Fernandez, Mayreen Valenzuela-Amazona, Bryan Poblete and Sean Buencamino.

The pictures:

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35 thoughts on “ANSHS 24th Foundation Anniversary – Alumni Pictures”

  1. makainip naman.
    makainggit pa.
    saya naman ni betong sa mga larawan.
    ayus a.
    sana next year makasali din.
    astig talaga pag batang ansci.
    saan nakakabili nung t-shirt kid?
    pa order da.

  2. joe…among the pics that i visited and checked out, these pics tops it all. you really amazed me with your talent when it comes to clicking. you have a gift kid and i really admire it. i showed it to my eldest son visitng me at home this weekend and he also agrees with me. he wants to visit baler also this year when he comes home to visit his grandparents with his girlfriend soringtime.

  3. kangker parehu tayu…wala rin taga kinse yata na nagpunta…

    saya nitu..

    bakit kaya yung anak ni ka-jing jing na samano de manlaang nagpunta?

  4. ak kaw, are, adjo….
    tanaman ay bket di aku summa…
    bbwi nxt tym..
    mga 20th batchm8s,,, tra nxt tym.
    nxt yir 25th n.. tra..
    cool tlga kpg GLING ANSCIE!

  5. kami un!! haha!! grabe.. ang saya nun.. sobrah… sana mainvite din kami next yir pag alumni na rin kami.. or is it alumnus…. thanks po for organizing this event for all of us, sobra pong nagenjoy kaming mga students at pati na rin mga parents, teachers,keu!! hehe… god bless

  6. ai but ung mg m— -p g–l wala sayang namn cla p ung mga wala… hahaha.. ai bka nasa videoke heheh kumakanta ng beautiful….

  7. Wow.. imagine 24th anniversary na… I think I would have been batch…? batch nila Ryan S. & Michael P… Hi Ryan & Michael-na remember ko pa kayo hah.. probably next time uwi ko we can catch up… nice seeing you all kahit sa picture lang…

  8. ehhh
    astig po anu pag tga ansci..!!!
    ang saya!!! hehehehe
    punta po kau nxt yir!! 25th anniversary na!!! yehey!!!
    4th yr na kmi nuun!!!

  9. akkaw..
    tlagang ang saya nmn nun..
    sana nkasama din aku kht di aku
    nag graduate sa ansci..
    sana ung mga batchmates ku,
    magkita kita din kmi
    at mag get togeder anu..
    hope to hear from my batchmates soon..

  10. is that me?.. yeah, absolutely, that’s me.. next to the man in pink.. haha.. nice shot.. glad that this is the one that’s posted.. batang ansci!

  11. astig talaga ang mga batang sayans!!!!haha..late post eh kasi ako nung foundation day..huhu..last foundation day ko na yun sa sayans tapos di pa ko naka-attend

  12. bakit po wala kami…
    dapat merun din kami anu..
    sabagay aus laang..
    ang galing ng sayans..
    ang tanda na pala ng sayans anu po?

  13. hi, meks! are,ai wl bga tyung ka-batch na umattend?kj anu?he3.

    cguru nxt tym pg ngksbay-sbay bkasyon ntin s Pinas.

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