Storm chasing is a legitimate profession in some countries. Although it’s still not one of those “pogi” hobbies in the country, some of us knows the concept of chasing typhoons but we’re more acquainted with running away from them. That’s what I did yesterday. I went home to run away from Milenyo. It was signal no. 3 in Manila when I rode the 5-star bus from Cubao to Cabanatuan. Luckily, the way home especially from Cabanatuan to Baler via Genesis went off smoothly. Just heavy clouds and occasional rains along the way. It’s not even raining when I arrived home. In Manila, it was a different story. I’m glad I decided to “get lucky”. Another day in rainy Manila would be boring. I’m allergic to the city. The sun is shining today here in Baler but the electricity is out since yesterday evening.

Thanks to Metz and Lotus for adopting me for three days. Their daughter Ranja is now talking, well, in her own 16-month old way.