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More Photos at the Gallery

Newly reloaded photos at the photo gallery:

Aurora Day 2006 – BAC Ayos Ka! Launching
Aurora Day 2006 – Araw ng Kawani
Aurora Day 2006 – 2nd Aurora Skateboarding Cup
Aurora Day 2006 – Aurora Day Parade

The pictures have no captions yet. Captioning is still in my to-do list. More Aurora Day pictures will be uploaded sooooooonnnnn!

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3 Responses to More Photos at the Gallery

  1. melsantos says:

    i am back kid. we landed at 530pm from San Franciso. my wife wants to go to hongkong, so from manila, we flew to hongkong and stayed there overnite. i am having jet lag problem right now, it is 4am here centraltime and i really cannot sleep. ihave started scanning the pics, u are still great in ur storypics. hindi nakakasawang bisitahin.

  2. melsantos says:

    i am back again. this time i was able to scan the photo gallery. i love the Aurora Day Parade. i dont’ know… but everytime i open ur blog and the rest of other blogs with photos about the phils, the pageantry, the parade and all… the little kid in me comes out. and i become very nostalgic about what i see. i showed this gallery to my two boys, who came for a visit at the house, and both of them was so enthralled about the colorful pageantry and the amazing cornocopia of colors. amazing colors and most of all the use of the local materials. i tip my hat to you on this. very well documented. i wonder who designs all the costumes and the pageantry director on this event. we have plenty of parades in the states also. the most colorful ones that i like best is the Columbus Day Parade and the Irish day Parade. u shud come to the states and take the pics for the mardi gras parade in new orleans and the mummers in philly.
    NICE JOB……my compliments.

  3. Hareth says:

    adohoy!!! are ai ang ganda nman ng parada syang d aku nkunpauad!!nkita ku sana c papa Sam ay jableg laang iyan nka2bading c fafa Sam.. nyahahahah!!! AAAAAAAYYYYOOOOKKOOOO!!!!

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