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Chat Test

I embedded a new Gabbly chatroom in this blog. Let’s drive test it. Click here to go to the chatroom page. The chatroom link is also listed at the sidebar.

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4 Responses to Chat Test

  1. ivm_storm says:

    bakit kaya de na aku makapasuk ulit sa gabbly chatroom? smantalang dati okay naman?

  2. joseph says:

    SAn ka nag-i-internet? Bka na firewall yung gabbly chatroom. OK pa ring siya hanggang ngayun.

  3. ivm_storm says:

    sa dati pa ring pc na naaccess ku gabbly dati, paanu ku malalaman kung na firewall siya? naka ie 6, itanung ku nga rin ditu kung bakit nagka gan un, yun ding iba kung kasama ditu de makaaccess, ay

  4. joseph says:

    Subukan mong gumamit ng firefox.

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