The Collector

That’s me (youngest) with Nanay, ate and kuya on the set of Apocalypse Now. I was 5 years old when the flick was shot in Baler. Two months worth of endless helicopter rotor drones must have made an imprint in my brain that I now salivate at every Apocalypse Now related item that I happen to encounter.

I have a small collection of Apocalypse Now memorabilia courtesy of my internet friends and fellow Batang Baler from abroad. The Apocalypse Now Book as pasalubong from Poppo Olag, the Notes on the Making of AN book and AN Redux VHS from Neil Francisco of California, and the AN Redux DVD fron Ennielle of North Carolina. Now I NEED to have these new stuff:

Apocalypse Now – The Complete Dossier ($13.87 at Amazon). and

Apocalypse Now: A Bloomsbury Movie Guide ($15.95 at Amazon)

Help Wanted: If you’re in the USA and planning to take a vacation or knows someone who’s going to Baler in the coming months, can you buy these things for me? I will reimburse the price of the DVD and book. I can order this online but the shipping cost is more than the cover price of the products. I will even throw in a pack or two of sistsarong kibit with the refund if you do the favor for me. Thanks in advance.

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  1. No wonder, it has become a part of you. It is one of the reference points of where you are from aside from being A Filipino from Philippines.

    When you were 5, were you not afraid about what’s going on like you were thinking that there was war or you already knew that there was a film shooting?

    Great blog.

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