Quezon Park – Through The Years

Circa 1940s before the area was turned into a park.

Late 1940’s. The park was developed during the construction of the hospital. The residents of the area were moved to the north of the park, left side of the park in this picture.

The Quezon marker was on the ground in the middle of the park for more than 30 years before it was put on an elevated “stage” in the 70’s. In the picture were officials of the town of Baler.

The park was redeveloped in the 1970s to coincide with the MLQ birthday Centennial in 1978. The central court was contructed, pathways were concreted, a playground was installed and the park was fenced.

June 2005 during the Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day Celebration

August 19, 2006 after the installation and unveiling of the new Quezon monument

The marker was again on ground level.

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