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That Fiesta Feeling

some pictures I took yesterday while pretending to be a tourist around the Baler plaza area.

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3 Responses to That Fiesta Feeling

  1. emon says:

    hirap ng de nakikita ang piyesta ng baler ay, nakakapanibagu. para bagang mas masaya kahit na alam mung hirap din lang ang buhay.

  2. Obey Baltazar says:

    w0w i missed that momument….i remember standing on top of that when i was little… i missed Baler…

  3. blogger says:

    una kong nakita ‘yung monumento nasa itaas ng circle sa parke, tabi ng municipal court. sa circle kami madalas mag trolley, yung may gulung na bearings , gaya nung trolley sa “back to the future” movie.

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