Ready for Picking

Poppo Olag’s vegetable garden is now ready for harvest. There are more than enough for them so he’s more than willing to share the veggies to anyone who wants a taste of Filipino vegetables grown on American soil. Poppo Olaq lives in Maryland near the Washington DC area. In the picture is Poppo Olag with his kidya (kalamansi) plant.

Mrs. Gonzales and the apus harvesting ampalaya.

Poppo’s gabi and saging patch.

The talong box.

The okras

Giant sitaws.

Mrs. Gonzales picking ripe kamatis.

The Philippine national flower – the Sampaguita

4 thoughts on “Ready for Picking”

  1. wow…those veggies look yummy…i’ve always dream of being a vegan but meat tempts me not to be…hahaha…anyways, san pala ‘to? nice shots…pretty house…

  2. Akaw ang ganda pala ng garden mo diyan, igan. Nakita ko maraming tanim peru bakit wala yatang kamangsi at katuray? hehe Musta na ikaw diyan? Di ka na nadalaw dito sa atin.

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