It’s been months since i’ve done this. The latest discoveries:

An inside look at the lives of the Tan Alim Family of Baler
Torn and Frayed: Manila to Baler – and the road goes on forever! (you bet!)
Torn and Frayed: Baler – good Moon Rising
Multiply website of Misu (not the sinigang mix) and her blogger site
Memories of Baler – i’m not sure if i linked this one before
Di ko kilala to
Here’s a very colorful account of a surfing trip to Baler
Here’s some quotes from Synchron in the City about Baler and the Beach at the end of the world:

Baler is back country, where everyone stares at strangers and the lights go out so early that the stars burn perfectly clear in the night sky. And you’ll see children sitting on the curb talking to each other like they mean it, and then you’ll realize that you haven’t seen that in next to forever. Not even on television.

I knew then that when the roads are done and the resorts are built, we’ll have one more toilet by the sea, like Boracay and Puerto Galera. I don’t doubt it.

Psst, yositayo!
Trip pictures
Jomel Turgo was our Sining Silangan 2006 volunteer photographer.
More pictures
Sol Diver
More pictures from dazed angel featuring Leonard the trombone dude.
One more surfing trip account
Aurora Typhoon – “Julius the guy who lives in the shack next door came home with a cow and two ducks. And even though he was happy with his haul he was a little jealous cause his neighbor on the other side came home with two pigs.”

A blog post where Ymay was mentioned.
The Casiguran blog is alive and well!

Baler sunrise
Baler Bikeout
That’s all folks! Until the next bloghopping.

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