107th Anniversary of the Siege of Baler

The 107th Anniversary of the Siege of Baler and the 4th Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day Celebration was held this morning at the Baler Church and Museo de Baler amidst intermittent rainfall. The simple celebration started with a wreath laying ceremony in front of the Baler Church followed by a program in front of Museo de Baler. The ceremonies were attended by different local government officials and representatives from the embassy of Spain and the National Historical Institute. Also present were representatives of the descendants of the heroes of the Siege of Baler and employees of different local government offices and students from the different schools of Baler.

Three new exhibits were also opened at the Museo de Baler, namely: The Ilongot, Local But Not Homegrown (plants introduced by Spain) and Lines Across Time (19th Century Fil-Hispanic Architecture).

More pictures to follow.

Bring IT to rural areas — Angara

from the journal online:

SENATOR Edgardo Angara has stressed the need for the government to bring also information technology (IT) to rural areas to spur economic progress in the countryside.

Angara is currently undertaking a digital village pilot project in Baler, Aurora, where computer kiosks with Internet access can be used by farmers and fisherfolk to download information on market prices, weather forecasts and agricultural databases.

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BB Chat Down

The Batangbaler chatroom server is down. Maintenance will take one day to thirty years. Please stand by. In the meantime, i’m online at Yahoo Messenger. Just click the link at the right panel.

UPDATE: I whipped up a temporary chatroom here. (the permalink is: http://irc.everywherechat.com:8000/?room=BATANGBALER ). It runs on a Java applet so please be patient while opening the page. Thank you!

Legal logging

casiguran.blogspot.com has link to a private document.

The pointing of blame to illegal loggers has been the favorite lines of DENR officials towards deflecting the real issue of logging moratorium. The small profit of fly by night operators will not be enough to pay for risking their lives much more to pay payola to the unsatifiable appetite of corrupt government officials. DENR and local government officials drive against illegal loggers cover their “protectionism” in favor of legal loggers. The real enemy of the people are the legal loggers and those in power that justify their continuance.

Code of Kalantiaw Hoax

from wikipedia:

The Code of Kalantiaw was a fictitious legal code said to be written in 1433 by Datu Kalantiaw, a chief on the island of Negros in the Philippines. It was created in 1913 by Jose E. Marco as a part of his historical forgery entitled Las antiguas leyendes de la Isla de Negros (The Ancient Legends of the Island of Negros), which he attributed to a priest named Jose Maria Pavon. In 1917, the historian Josue Soncuya wrote about the Code of Kalantiaw in his book Historia Prehispana de Filipinas (Prehispanic History of the Philippines) where he switched the location of the Code’s origin from Negros to his home province of Aklan on the island of Panay because he found two Aklanon words in the text. Other authors throughout the 20th century, and up to the present day, further embellished the Kalantiaw story, but in 1968 the historian William Henry Scott debunked the hoax in his book Prehispanic Source Materials for the Study of Philippine History. The Code of Kalantiaw is no longer a part of the standard history texts in the Philippines but the story is still believed by some people, especially in the central provinces.

Kalantiaw, The Hoax