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The Gospel of Judas

“The Gospel of Judas is a gnostic gospel, the text of which was partially reconstructed in 2006. It has a strong positive focus on the person of Judas Iscariot, who according to orthodox Gospels betrayed Jesus Christ to the Roman authorities who crucified him. The Gospel of Judas frames this act as obedience to the instructions of Jesus, rather than a betrayal. This Gospel, however, does not particularly “counter” Christianity, as many believers of this text say, but instead it supposedly “adds” to the Christian Bible itself. As of now, no other historical evidence fits this gospel, though little to moderate evidence backs up the original cannonized text of the Christian Bible.”

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2 Responses to The Gospel of Judas

  1. cleo says:

    it’s about time Judas redeems himself, if the contents of his gospel are true then he has been badmouthed all this time, and deserves apologies from all those who have used his name as a cuss word.

  2. Gaius says:

    I was also surprise to know about the gospel of Judas making me think about the other side of the story. But according to some believers, this gospel was made to weaken the foundation of Christianity. When Jesus died, there are no such thing as one religion proclaiming about Christianity. There are actually hundreds of groups proclaiming and preaching about God. Some biblical historian says that inorder to create diversity and false stories about Judas, then this gospel was created. Maybe because, in those time, drawing public attention is like one of the hardest aims these groups have in mind. Remember that aside from the Gospel of Judas, there are also facts about Gospel of Mary Magdalene etc..Her gospel being erased from the history is also a proof that in those years wherein no strong bonded united religion, these figures were erased intentionally.

    Actually, this gospel is highly debatable, but very interesting. I would recommend everyone to read the Gospel of Mary Magdalene to see also a different side. Just for the sake of weighing everything and meeting all our curiosities.

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