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12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country

Hunt for this book by Alexander Lacson, 12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country. In summary, here’s his 12 little things:

1. Follow traffic laws. Follow the law.

2. Whenever you buy or pay for anything, always ask for an official receipt.

3. Don’t buy smuggled goods. Buy local. Buy Filipino.

4. When you talk to others, especially foreigners, speak positively about us and our country.

5. Respect your traffic officer, policeman and soldier.

6. Do not litter, dispose of your garbage properly. Segregate. Recycle. Conserve.

7. Support your church.

8. During elections, do your solemn duty.

9. Pay your employees well.

10. Pay your taxes.

11. Adopt a scholar or a poor child.

12. Be a good parent. Teach your kids to follow the law and love our country.

Heck i must be a bad Filipino, i’m only following 3 out of the 12 in the list.

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10 Responses to 12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country

  1. George says:

    Hmmm….. Very Intresting!
    U can just do these junks and u can help philippines?!


  2. coni says:

    these are not junks. neither is it stupid.

    in the grand scheme of things, 1 3 6 8 9 10 12 can help any developing country especially if these become a collective action.

    these little things are worthless, only to the myopic.

  3. otoy says:

    If we follow these things as it is written, would it help our country? hehehe!!! WOW!! its seems like it is very simple… hehehe!!!

    1) traffic laws
    – Of course I understand that we should follow traffic laws…I just want to add…a “but” on it….if the people is suffering from injustice and other forms of exploitation and the like, do we really have to follow these law enforcers who take the command from someone who is actually making the injustice to the people. For example, “protest rallies”. Why can’t the people organize rallies in mendiola and other places…one of the gov’t's excuse is the traffic…Ridiculous!!!

    2) Of course number 2 will guarantee the income of the government

    3) Buy Filipino –
    – Well, what can I say? I just want to suggest that we should study “Poltical Economy” with regards to this one…Maybe that this particular “Buy Filipino” thing can do some advantages but this can also have some political and economic implications…

    4) Speak positively?
    – What positive is he talking about?
    – Well maybe I can speak of the ever increasing unity of the democratic forces here in our country to fight for freedom, justice and peace..

    5) respect?
    – respect is something that is gained…how can I respect those people who are the primary promoter of facism? Especially when we are speaking about the victims of growing militarization.

    6) I definitely agree with number 6. Thank you for the timely reminder…But again, not everybody who is shouting out in the name of environmental protection is really helping and respecting the environment and the organisms (including homo sapiens) that are in it…

    7) Support your church…well, this is good too…that’s if you have a church…But again, not everything that the church dictates should be supported if that would lead to extortion and exploitation…

    8) hahahaha!!!!

    9) DEFINITELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PAY THE WORKERS, FARMERS, EMPLOYEES AND THE PEOPLE WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!! TELL THIS TO THE CAPITALISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10) Pay taxes…yes indeed…I will pay my taxes to the existing government that is respecting my rights…get my drift?

    11) Not only adopt the poor, we, the people, should make a collective effort to fight for the betterment of this world…

    12) point taken…I will also teach my children to think and be in solidarity with the peoples of the world….

  4. Gaius says:

    I agree with the listings but actually to shorten everything, just be “PRODUCTIVE and do what you are OUGHT TO DO as a matured Filipino” will cover everything that’s mentioned.

  5. Tobal Loyola says:

    Here are my YESes, NOs & N/As for the listing:

    YES: 1 – 6, 8, 10
    NO: 7
    N/A: 9, 11, 12

    You know, I was in HK recently, and everyone follows the law. As in. The country’s very clean, there’s no traffic, etc. I wanna live in that kind of setup! I wish we were like that here in Manila.

    Or I can migrate to HK. Hehehe…

    ~ Tobal.

  6. jett says:

    possible for few, pero sa nakakarami sa hirap ng buhay ngayon ala nang pera pambili ng edukasyon para umintindi

  7. rosebemar says:

    …. sabihin niyo yan sa mga pulitiko>>> hahaha

  8. lheo hara says:

    _.’impossible ng masunod ito lalo na sa mga taong walang mga utak na . .

  9. I’m Rechelle . 16 years old from Laguna.

    As Tourism student we can help our country positively and easier if we obey this rule.
    Well, i read the comments base on the 12 Little Things, As young as am i, i want to defend my suggestions actually I’m agreed for this things. Filipinos WAKE UP! did you mind these things? KAILANGAN NATING KUMILOS. Work on each other, as a filipino we need to smile whatever happens in ourselves and our life. God will keep us together if we obey this. Government please Be wise and Be nice. DON’T MAKE US SLAVES!

  10. bryan says:

    …madami akong natutunan sa librong ito,masarap pating basahin.

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