Baler Library

Now why didn’t I visit this place before? More than three decades of living in Baler and never bothering to visit the local library. What a shame. I never thought they have books there other than textbooks, newspapers and Sangguniang Bayan resolutions. Check out what I found:

Bob Dylan’s biography by Bob Spitz. Must apply for membership asap.

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The Boy In The Bubble

Some links about David Vetter, the boy who lived his entire life inside a bubble isolator. A documentary about him was showed on PBS last April 10. Thanks to the internet i was able to download the program (via bittorrent) and see it.

David Vetter was born with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), meaning his body had no immune system to fight off diseases of any sort. Because his older brother had died from complications of the same disease, his parents were prepared for David’s birth and arranged for a germ-free delivery on September 21, 1971, at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. Once it was determined that David was also afflicted with SCID, he stayed in plastic isolator bubble environments while waiting for a matching bone marrow donor or a cure for his ailment. The long wait would last twelve years.

The PBS website on The Boy in the Bubble. San Story of ‘Boy In The Bubble’

wikipedia entry on David Vetter Bursting The Bubble

Ted De Vita – a victim of severe aplastic anemia who was forced to live in a sterile hospital room for eight and a half years


Photo above from courtesy of Baylor College of Medicine Archives.


The classic way – a wood stand, a clamp, and and a used engine piston. To patch the tube, fuel is poured in the piston, lighted and the clamp is tightened until the rubbers are cooked. Takes 5 to 10 minutes to do the job. Current rate for a motorcycle tire is 20 pesos. A 6-foot tall payloader tire costs 1000 pesos to vulcanize.

The hitech way – This one uses an old flatiron instead of the piston and runs on electricity. I saw this one at San Luis.

Bistro Baler

“Your Ultimate Acoustic Experience” – that’s the tagline of the newly opened nightspot in Baler. The dig opened last April 15 and it’s different from the other bars/restaurant here in Baler because a) 80% of the interior is covered with egg cartons -for acoustics b) no videoke machine, c) the all-acoustic performances d) the music is cool as well as the owners, and e) there are paintings on the walls. The place is located at T. Molina St., on the right side before the Santo Entierro and Palispis St. It’s a split-level brown house and the stage is located on the upper-level but it is also visible from the ground floor. The house was packed when it opened and we had to wait outside for available seats. Check it out. It’s different. And I hope it can give you the “ultimate acoustic experience”.

Some celebrities graced the opening night:

That’s Ely Bundia of Pupil and Mongols and Eraserheads.

Raimund Marasigan (of Pedicab, Sandwich, Eraserheads etc.. etc..) jamming with Nina.

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Mt. Everest

Romeo “Romi” Garduce hopes to become the first Philippine to summit Mt. Everest. A systems analyst in his 30’s, Garduce summited Cho Oyu in September 2005. On Jan 1, 2005, he became the first Philippine to climb Aconcagua. Now he will join an international team for Everest, and will follow Hillary’s route from the Nepali side of the mountain. Romi plans to acclimatize on a lower peak in the Khumbu area – fellow Philippine Jon Villareal will join him on the acclimatization peak.

Read Romi’s blog on GMA’s Pinoy sa Tuktok ng Mundo.
And this is Romi’s original blog.

Good luck to him. The GMA coverage of Romi’s attempt makes it look like he is the only person climbing Mt. Everest this season. Actually there are countless people trying the summit this year. Check out the list. Romi will be joining an international team that will climb the E from the Nepalese side.

First Philippines Mt. Everest Expedition ’07 – this one is being covered by ABS-CBN, so if you’re solid Kapuso, you will not know that there is also another Philippine Expedition going on. In fact two of them are already in Nepal and will try to climb the mountain as a reconnaisance party this May.

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