San Luis

I guess my clout ends at the Baler-San Luis border. I tried to cover the Ms. San Luis thing last Aug 23 but i was too far the people on the stage were smaller than the fingers on my outstretched hands. It started when a voiceover introduced the emcee which turned out to be the same voiceover guy. Later the production number was announced and the candidates walked onstage, stood for 2 minutes stretched their hands and did a little shake for about five seconds then stood for another 2 minutes before leaving the stage. What a number! I left before the swimsuit portion ended but not before noticing that the San Luis candidates are more beautiful than their Baler counterparts. I later learned that the candidate from Ditumabo won.

This is how the entrance of the San Luis Municipal Hall looks like during the entire fiesta week.

The Sabutan attire portion. I noticed some were recycled from the Baler event.

That’s how far i was from the stage. No VIP tickets for Batangbaler in San Luis.

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