Tikbalang aka Bryan, from Baler, uses classic manual SLR cameras to take pictures. Some cameras are even older than him. But instead of having the films developed directly into prints he has them scanned and saved to CDs as digital files which he says is cheaper than the usual developing process. A perfect analog-digital combo sample. Here are some of his interesting photos:

Pasirit sa may Digisit.

Umaga na!

Bangka sa Cemento

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Baler Now!

This is for all the Balerians who have not been home for quite some time. Some of you were away for a year or less and these pictures will look familiar. But for those who have been away for years, this photoset will be a revelation. This is what the Poblacion of Baler looks now. Most of the pictures were taken along the Quezon Highway. The map shows the location and direction where each picture was taken. Enjoy!

PHOTO 1: The Municipal Building. During the tenure of Mayor Emil Etcubañez, the walls of the plaza were torn down to make place for the covered court.

PHOTO 2: Quezon Highway, from where it starts in front of the Aurora Memorial Hospital and going to Suklayin and San Luis area. The building on the left is Mount Carmel College and on the right is the Quezon Memorial Park.

PHOTO 3: San Luis St. This is the road in front of the hospital going to Brgy. Buhangin. The hospital is on the right (not on picture) and the structures on the left, beside the Quezon park, are pharmacies and the permanent rolling stores whre lunch is good and cheap.

PHOTO 4. This old house is located in front of the park on the corner of Aurora St. and Quezon Highway. It is unoccupied and owned by the Molinas.

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from inq7.net: Villagers flee homes as ‘Emong’ hits Aurora province. Fearing another round of landslides, at least 100 families in Dingalan, Aurora, fled to higher ground on Tuesday as rains brought by tropical depression “Emong” hit town, said officials.Dingalan Councilor Shiela Taay said residents of Barangay Paltic sought refuge in houses of relatives or fled to the Dingalan Bay Resort.Insp. Almario Evaristo, the town’s police chief, said the residents panicked.”They have developed phobia,” Evaristo said, referring to the landslides and flash floods that struck Dingalan in November last year.


Meanwhile in Baler, i failed to get the news that there was a typhoon coming. It was raining all day last Tuesday and i noticed that the Kinalapan River swelled to suspicious level. The rain switched to drizzle mode during the night. I saw a convoy of ABS-CBN OB van and pickup all lit-up like they’re expecting another show like the December 2004 one. Too bad for them. The next day was a hot sunny day aside from the freak rainstorm that lasted for 30 minutes around 2 pm. Then it was sunny again. That’s the weather report, this is Kidlat signing out.


They call these flowers Manimani owing to the resemblance of their leaves to the peanut plant. They have these tiny yellow flowers that opens fully in the morning and closes at midday. Picture taken in front of Aurora State College of Technology in Dicaloyungan.