Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day 2005

This is the quickest update I made in Batangbaler. The Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day Celebration happened just this morning. The oldest picture here was taken at 8:00 this morning and the newest just one hour ago. The last part of the event was the opening of the restored watchtower at Sitio Castillo and i decided to post the pictures right away since i will pass by our internet lab at ASCOT on the way back anyway. I don’t know where the people involved are having their lunch now but i’m hungry and i think i deserve an invitation.

As usual I arrived late and missed the wreath-laying ceremony in front of the Church.

The peeps walking to the Baler Park where the main program will take place.

The whole program happened under the rain. I bet this kids are required to be there.

Sen. Edgardo Angara with the delagates from Philippines and Spain.

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This old photo of Baler was taken only last Sunday. I thought my photoshop skills were getting rusty so I tried to practice on turning a new picture into an old one. The hardest part was removing loads of dangling wires and some remnants of the May 2004 election. This row of houses are located along Angara street starting from the Quezon Hiway going to Brgy. Buhangin. This is the original picture:


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Last weekend’s downtime of the BB website was again due to excess bandwidth (size of file access allowed per month which is 5GB in the case of Batangbaler). I requested the hosting company for additional bandwidth on Friday (June 24) before the site went down. Unfortunately, the request was activated only this Monday (June 27). To solve this problem I upgraded BB’s account to four times the current bandwidth allocation (from 5 to 20GB) and also increased the file storage (from 800MB to 900MB). Of course it means increase in monthly payments but the problem of excess bandwith every month will be solved. As a result of this upgrade, the one-year hosting payment that is supposed to last until June next year will only cover payments up to January.
We’ll deal with it when the time comes. In the meantime, enjoy your Batangbaler Experience.

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I shot these last night. I took almost two dozen shots while tinkering with the camera settings and these two are the best of the worst. Some even came out totally black. These two shots have exposures of 10 seconds.

Baler By Night

Baler turns into a completely different beast as night sets in. This is a preview of my planned night pictures of Baler. Of course it will come after Baler By Day and after I find out how to properly take nightshots.