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It was his 1st and last chopper ride

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earthquakes and tsunamis. He also designed the first tsunami marker in Baler, Aurora, that was inaugurated last January. Javier, who was

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On April 28, 1949 – 56 years ago — Doña Aurora Aragon Quezon was on her way to Baler. With her eldest daughter, Maria Aurora, whom everyone called “Baby”.


A re-interment . ON THURSDAY, April 28, a Mass will be held in Santo Domingo Church at 10 a.m., prior to the re-interment of Mrs. Aurora Aragon Quezon’s remains in the Quezon Memorial Shrine, next to the tomb of her husband. from

MLQ, Doña Aurora ‘reunite’ at QC shrine. AFTER nearly three decades of separation, the late President Manuel Luis Quezon will be “reunited” with his wife, the late Doña Aurora Aragon-Quezon. from

Island Paradise Adventure Race

Aurora will be the first pitstop of the Island Paradise Adventure Race, A 9-day auto rally through 8 tourist destinations/provinces in Luzon based on a “on-time, all the time” system, featuring 35 teams. Each team shall be composed of 3 persons, one of whom will be required to perform certain physical and mental challenges at the control points and pit stops. The rally proper will be from 7 to 15 May, 2005.

The participants will be in Aurora (Baler) from May 7 to 8. In line with the event, the Provincial Tourism Office of Aurora are preparing cultural presentations, beach party and mini bazaar that will be held on the said dates.

Everyone is invited to witness the event. For more information about the Island Paradise Adventure Race just click here to go to the official website. And here’s the DOT press release.


While we’re still in kinunut mode, here’s anothe Baler delicacy – Katid. According to Poppo Olag, this edible worm is called “shipworm” in English. It looks like an albino earthworm that oozes milk-like secretions. Baler’s eternal Best Pulutan are mostly found on tree trunks and branches submerged under freshwater rivers. They say that the taste depends on the the type of wood where they were taken. I have never tasted a katid in my life but there were times that I was almost tempted to sample one just for research purposes. Belinda Bright, the whitest sext star in Philippine showbiz gulped a 4-incher during an Extra Challege shoot in Baler (then still known as Extra Extra). It is easier to prepare than a kinunut. Just put them raw in a bowl including their whitish secretions, squeeze in some kidya and add some siling kutikut and you have a katid special. Pwera Katid!


“Kinunut” is the Balerians way of turning grilled fish into a soup. It’s been years since i sampled some and the mere sight of this picture makes me want to go to the market and buy some atulay and kidya to make myself a bowlful. It’s easy to prepare even a kindergarten student can do it. Step 1: Get some fresh atulay, buraw, banak or any medium-sized freshwater or saltwater fish. Even galungong is fair game for kinunut. Other ingridients are kidya or kalamansi, asin, vetsin, five or more pieces of siling kutikut (if you like your soup to be extra hot) and boiling water (some say water boiled with a mossy stone from Dibalo is the best). Step 2: Grill the fish on charcoal. When it is cooked, prepare a bowl of hot water, squeeze-in some kidya, put some salt and vetsin and the siling kutikut. Then dunk in the grilled fish. Let the soup seep in the fish for a while. Step 3: Chow down with a newly cooked rice or sinangag.

Photo by Olin.